Sometimes when you think you see a zebra in an unlikely place, it’s actually a zebra

Slow blogging the week before the end of the world.

Actually, we were away for a few days, plus I’m cooking up some stuff. We went down to the wine region in Central California — Paso Robles. Carrie got to visit and taste at her favorite winery — which is also beautiful — and we went to Hearst Castle. It is a singular place and impressive, but apart from the spectacular pools, neither of us was as blown away as we thought we would be (compared with, e.g., the ocean). We did learn that the zebra we though we saw in the fall while driving up Highway 1 was not some kind of optical illusion. There are some wild zebras left over from Hearst’s private zoo.

More next week. In the meantime, I leave you with this excellent explanation of dubstep for the uninitiated (don’t turn up your volume too much–trust me):