Manifestation de casseroles / Arrêtez-moi quelqu’un

So last night we’re sitting on the porch with friends and hear this noise. It gets louder and louder. Lots of banging. Finally we go investigate and find . . . the “Manifestation de casseroles” at the corner of Jarry and St-Denis a block away. Over 200 people gathered, making tons of noise with pots and pans. There was a plurality of students, but also lots of families with kids, and people out walking their dogs (including our downstairs neighbour). No visible alcohol, nobody out of control. Just lots of noise.

Under law 78, every one of us is a criminal for the mere act of being there.

Eventually the crowd starts shutting down the intersection. Buses are rerouted, cars inch through or turn around. The police show up, first watching from a distance. Eventually they move in and corral protesters back up to the sidewalks. In rebellion, protesters then decide to cross with the lights.

Some pics and videos from others who were there: here, here and a brief video here. It was pretty loud at the apex.

Eventually we headed back home, but the din went on for awhile. I’ve never seen anything like it. When I went back out at midnight it was starting to dissipate.

And now, I can proudly say, I too have broken law 78.