Carrie and I just got back from 2 and a half hours of our manif (it was still going strong). It’s the 3rd night in a row (possibly more–we were visiting friends in Westmount Saturday, a wealthy enclave that’s hostile territory for protesters). What started as a local event with hundred of people taking up space in intersections snowballed into thousands taking over entire streets. We saw most of our neighbours, the people who staff our local business, and friends from around the area. Although there is a majority of students, of course, it’s children, the elderly, people of all colours and backgrounds.

In terms of numbers of bodies in the streets in a single place, we should at least consider that this is bigger than Occupy Wall Street, and it’s no doubt the most important student movement in North America right now–except that it’s people of all ages.

It is really moving to take a stand with your friends and neighbours against an immoral, unconstitutional and unenforceable law.