Some bass players I have recently been enjoying

KT Chang: Elephant Gym.

Math rock! Chang has developed an interesting hybrid technique of tapping and melodic playing, and the band is happy to write around her bass lines (Elephant Gym is in fact a bass reference). Not everything is this busy or elaborate, but “Games” gives you an idea of her approach. I heard about these folks from a friend who also tells me there is a big Chinese post-rock scene. I look forward to learning about it.
Bonus: she’s also hilarious in an interview. From an interview with the band on their first visit to Manila:

KT Chang: I have a question, what is your favourite Filipino food? [Because] yesterday, we tried something. (turning to Tell and Tu) Do you remember the name? What we ordered yesterday. It had some shrimp and the noodle was soup … but it was not delicious.


Junius Paul

He plays electric and double bass. I learned about him because Carrie has super gotten into Makaya McCraven, a jazz drummer (because Jaszziz covers the Chicago scene very well). He fuses lots of influences, and is great as a supporting player in lots of jazz settings, but he can also carry a tune.

He is also a tights model. That’s unusual in a bass player for sure.

Junius Paul on Makaya McCraven, ”Gnawa.”

I should do this more often.