Music News

I’ve got some gigs coming up.  These will probably be my last in Montreal until sometime later in 2025, since I’m away on sabbatical.  Though there’s always a chance of a brief return visit.


Jonathan Sterne solo synth act, Saturday 15 June 2024, 5:30pm

Hard Red Spring, Wednesday 19 June, 8:00pm

Volte, Monday 19 August, 8pm

Please come!  Bring friends!

More details:

Saturday 15 June, Rocket Science Room, 170 Jean-Talon Ouest (Atlas Building), #204, at the very reasonable hour of 5:30 start time. I’m performing solo on synth to launch the book “Modular Synthesis: Patching Machines and People.” I’m on a bill with Ky Brooks and Lisa Conway. We’re all doing 20 minute sets follows by a roundtable discussion.  This will be a weird one because I’ll also say a couple words about the book before I launch into playing.  I go first so show up on time. High nerdery.

Wednesday 19 June, 8:30pm, Hard Red Spring will be playing two sets (no opener) at l’escogriffe bar, 4461 rue St Denis.  East side of the street, just “south” of Mont-Royal. See some of your favourite profs play lyrically-driven rock songs. The big news is that Carrie is singing more.  I play bass. Lots of new material (is it power pop?), plus a range of stuff from our last three records.

Volte, my instrumental post-rock trio (some might say “progressive”!) will be doing an album launch for our new record, Vrittis, on Monday 19 August, 8pm at Turbo Haus.  I play touch guitar (often in bass role but I venture higher) and synthesizer.  More news forthcoming, but please save the date.