Summer Hiatus

It’s that time of year again. I’m nearing time to move to LA, backed up with work and flush with social engagements. Maybe I’ll get inspired in LA, but if not, I’ll see you in late August.

Also, I’m a WordPress idiot

I keep somehow accidentally turning off comments (the “user must be registered and logged in to comment” box keeps getting checked). Maybe this is a default reset every time I update WordPress? Anyway, comments are back on and I’ll try and keep them on.

Nouveau Sterneworks

I’ve been stealing a few minutes here and there since early summer to re-do my main website. It had been on textpattern, which is a not-all-that-well-supported CMS (that’s “content management system” for those not familiar with the jargon–it’s the software that runs your website for you and keeps everything in order). WordPress (which I use […]

The New Normal, or Is That a Summer Hiatus Coming On?

For those readers not accustomed to the ways of academic blogs (which is mostly academic only by virtue of its association with its author), there is a tradition called the “summer hiatus.” People spend less time on the internet reading blogs and writers take time away. I tend not to announce such things but since […]

Tap. . . Tap. . . Is This Thing On?

Greetings, loyal rss aggregators, assorted robots and extremely dedicated readers. After a summer hiatus, this blog awakens refreshed. Sure, blogging is so passé that it’s cast as a quaint, dated practice in Julie and Julia but that won’t stop me. During the summer’s silence, time pushed me past a few milestones.  I’m not normally given […]