All Quiet

It’s summer.  Between socializing, tending to a few domestic matters, computer issues, a little bit of admin and making a big push on the book (I have set myself a deadline in July for sending it out for review, though I’m a little flexible on the exact day), I’m neglecting the blog.  So I guess […]


I’ve done a little housecleaning in the links bar.  I deleted everything that hasn’t been updated in 6 months or more.  If the blogs or sites come back to life, I’ll put them back.  Of course I also added some new things.   –The Montreal Sound Map is part of an internet phenomenon around acoustic […]

Well there goes October . . .

. . . in a month where Wired pronounced blogging so over and several other bloggers wondered about the future of their blogs I said, well, a whole lot of nothing. It’s not for lack of words but for lack of time. As you’ll see in my next post, my stepdad passed away early in […]

OMG it’s back

Apologies for the disappearance. More host troubles. I’ve been unable to access the blog for about 10 days (php redirect loop). Sterneworks is still broken (I have much less understanding of textpattern, alas), but at least we’re live here again. I finally gave up on tech support and just put in the time to fix […]

Still need Canadian help, but now I can accept it.

First, apologies to those who tried to comment on the last post and couldn’t. I accidentally checked a box that is now unchecked in the control panel, so please, Canadians, I still need your help. How can I, a nonvoter, help prevent a conservative majority? I don’t have a lot to say about the beginning […]