Ten Things that happened or that I learned on our 8-day trip to Seattle

1. I wrote a sentence in my book about how depending on what country you’re in, you get a totally different view of the psychoacoustic research leading up to mp3 coding (though the concepts — masking, critical bands, etc., are all the same). Then Lucent (the fools who closed Bell Labs) won a suit against […]

New Book + Music Arrivals

Kavoori and Archeneaux The Cell Phone Reader Goggin Cell Phone Culture Horst and Miller The Cell Phone notice a pattern? and I checked out Paul Edwards’ The Closed World for the millionth time. I should really buy that book. Music: Isis In the Absence of Truth and Isis/Aereogramme In the Fishtank

New Book Arrivals and More

New Books: Andrew Crisell Understanding Radio — has it constantly checked out of the library, decided to buy after a recall Creagher, Lunbeck and Schiebinger Feminism in Twentieth-Century Science, Technology and Medicine — mostly history an anthropology, a good collection. Again, purchased after a recall Peter Szendy, Sur Écoute: Esthétique de L’Espionage just came in […]