On Managed Interdisciplinarity

In an earlier post, I discussed the evacuation of meaning from the term “interdisciplinarity” and some forms that I consider to be more authentic attempts to get beyond limits of traditional–and nontraditional–disciplines. One question often left unasked is why universities are now so interested in fostering certain kinds of interdisciplinarity. When I was first learning […]

Criminalization of Chemistry

Annalee at io9 posted a story about a Saskatchewan university student arrested for having a chemistry lab at home. What’s most disturbing to me is that a few years earlier, Saskatchewan police evacuated a Salvation Army community centre after finding chemicals for a darkroom. One interesting and unfortunate side effect of the consumer-electronicsification and digitization […]

Academic Labor Politics in the Air

It must be the season or something. Today, our TA union staged a demonstration outside the front gates in support of their ongoing contract negotiations. McGill teaching assistants are quite underpaid compared to their counterparts at other Canadian universities and “R1” universities in the U.S. It’s a Quebec thing, since they’re better paid than TAs […]

Baseball scandal

I know I’m supposed to be scandalized by the latest revelations, assuming they’re true (right now, they are unsubstantiated allegations). And yet, I can’t help feel that there’s a kind of arbitrary logic at work here. Some kinds of drugs are okay, others are not. Last I checked, nobody is going after University of Florida […]