(Happy) New Year, New Text

(coauthored with Tara Rodgers) “The Poetics of Signal Processing,” Differences 22:2-3 (Summer/Fall 2011): 31-53. Audio examples here. The electronic copy’s not up on any database to which McGill gives me access, and the hard copy has a binding error where pp 61-76 appear between pages 44 and 45. That’s a first. This is a very […]

New Text

“’The Recording that Never Wanted to be Heard’ and Other Stories of Sonification,” coauthored with Mitchell Akiyama, The Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies, eds. Trevor Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld, 544-60. New York: Oxford University Press (2011).

Hot off the IJoC Press: The Politics of Academic Labor in Communication Studies

International Journal of Communication (IJoC) Publishes Special Section on Academic Labor International Journal of Communication (IJoC) has published a new special section on “The Politics of Academic Labor in Communication Studies.” Edited by Jonathan Sterne, this special section features 21 authors who raise difficult questions about academic labor in our field. We may have learned […]

Me in California, The Audible Past in Korean, and “The MP3 as Cultural Artifact” in Portuguese

As you read this, we (that’s Carrie, me and the cat) are airborne over North America, destined for our new temporary digs in Mountain View (and at Stanford).  The last few weeks have been as “full time” as I can remember between work and socializing.  It’s good to be back in “normal” but I’m definitely […]