If I blogged more regularly, I would have told them so

Those of you outside Canada may not know two important things about the Canadian economy: the Canadian dollar is at an all-time high, and Canada is in the middle of an economic boom. When the dollar hit its peak earlier this week, there was a rash of articles on the subject. My favorite, though, was […]

Residual Media Making the Rounds

Some time ago, I mentioned the release of Charles Acland’s edited collection Residual Media on University of Minnesota Press. Well, it’s getting some attention. Will Straw’s piece figures prominently in a recent Henry Jenkins blog post, and Google Alerts (is it vanity or simply keeping track of one’s own online presence? you be the judge) […]

The “Quebec is a Nation” Controversy 101 for Americans

Ron writes in the comments that he’d like an explanation of what the hell is going on up here in federal politics. Given that I have found no more divisive issue (1) among Canadians (and that’s among anglophones and among francophones as well as across language divisions), I’m sure to get myself in trouble here. […]