The Vegetarian Low Iodine Diet and Strategies for Surviving Radioactive Iodine Treatment With The Aid of Consumer Electronics

I’ve written a bit about our adventures with the low-iodine diet, or as carnivorous Carrie calls it, “worse than vegan.” This post is for search engines and the vegetarian thyroid cancer patients who may use them in anticipation of radioactive iodine treatment, but of course you’re welcome to read on if you don’t fall in […]

Houston, We Have Liftoff

I feel like I must be living in the future. First, I am radioactive. I don’t actually glow, but I am in this isolation room and people are afraid of me. Radioactive iodine comes in different forms but I got it in capsule form. Actually, they gave me so much it was divided between two […]

On Rediscovering Music-Making

First, open this page and play the song. Then switch back to this page. Last spring my 2004 G5 “desktop” (more like a “floortop” given its heft and profile) finally gave up the ghost. At the time I just switched to a laptop and kept writing. But its death had some beneficial effects on my […]

Recording School

Last night, I attended a “Q&A and discussion of mixes by attendees” featuring Larry Crane at Hotel2Tango Studios. I first learned about Larry through his magazine Tape Op, who is now the world’s second- or third-largest circulation recording magazine. I discovered it in the 1990s at Quimby’s bookstore in Chicago, when I was there to […]

Canadians: Tell the CRTC to regulate traffic shaping

Many Canadian Internet Service Providers practice traffic shaping during high-usage periods, which means that while they may sell you a connection at a particular speed (e.g., 10mbps), they may actively slow down your connection if you are using peer to peer software or doing something else they don’t like. To be clear: the regulation issue […]