Speaker Voice Phenomenology, or “Just Another Asshole with a Bluetooth Headset”

One of the non-loaner headsets arrived last week. It is shockingly overpriced for what it is, and the amp has the hilarious name “Spokeman” which must be a mistranslation of either “Speakman” (as in “Walkman”) or “Spokesman.” You choose a headset to go with it and as I have a rather large head (hence outside […]

Music Nerd Interlude

For all you computer musicians out there reading this, I learned of this interesting free plugin. It’s based on very simple principles but offers some cool sound-bending effects. I also like how simple it is–way better than some “special effects” plugins with dozens of interacting parameters.

The Loaner

My recovery this week has descended into the “slow slog” part. The good news is that I’ve avoided (so far) any sign of the crushing depression that’s been promised me (oh, there’s still time) but the bad news is that my voice seems to have gotten a little worse. I was warned that this might […]


In Sunday’s forthcoming NY Times. I can’t talk much (or really at all on the phone) but I can answer questions over email. The conversation was considerably longer than the quote, of course, but I am interested in the idea of the web as a more or less silent medium that is punctuated by sound. […]