While Waiting for the Banana Bread to Come Out of the Oven

The new Autolux CD arrived in Friday’s mail. It rocks. I have read countless articles about how Ken Andrews was the real genius behind the band Failure, and that when they broke up, he took it with him. Well, Andrews has a booming rock voice and knows how to write a rock anthem to be sure, but Greg Edwards’ performance in Autolux suggests that Failure was an ensemble effort, not just Andrews’ vision. Autolux doesn’t sound like Failure, but that’s precisely the point. You can hear Edwards’ creative sensibility mixed together with other members to create something completely different and yet really cool.

The antipiracy warnings on the case and the CD are a little scary looking, though. Once the visual part of this blog is up and running (ie, I get around to buying a scanner and digital camera), I’ll share.