It’s Election Day and I’m Not Voting

because I already did. If you haven’t and you can, you know what you must do.

This evening, the spectator sports part will set in, and we’ll watch hours of commentary and states lighting up in different colors.

This is the point where progressive Americans make the joke about moving to Canada if Bush wins. Except I’m already in Canada. How cool is that? Someday I’ll write something about American imaginations of Canada. Probably including my own from days passed.

Meanwhile, in my continuing efforts to chronicle escape routes for others, I offer this link. I can vouch for Croatia. It’s really cool and the range of political opinion is all over the map. Extra points: EVERYONE I met there knows their government is corrupt, as opposed to the apparently vast number of Americans who believe theirs is run by men [not sic] of virtue.

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  1. My exit strategy is applying for PhD study in sound aesthetics in Canada and hoping for the best.

    I\’m only half kidding.

    Lessee… Simon Frasier w/ Barry Truax… Hey, this McGill University comm program looks pretty interesting. ­čÖé

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