Brilliant? Upsetting? You Decide

WARNING: graphic cartoon violence awaits you, but no more graphic than anything that happened in the movie Alien.

Accomplishments of the weekend:

–Two consecutive nights of socializing (note: social life less of an issue since end of semester, Thursday was deliberately taken off)
–Discovery of Lombardi Italian Restaurant
–Made Baby’s First Powerpoint Movie — with soundtrack (still hoping to have a first day sound and light show for the undergrads)
–Visited Geoff Stahl’s new blog. Became jealous of sexy look (though glowing text is harder to read!) and learned the WordPress does convert b2 files. Have no idea when I will have time to switch or upgrade the site before summer. It may have to wait.
–Reread old social construction of technology lit, overhyped essay by Bruno Latour in last winter’s Critical Inquiry
–Was charmed by early SCOT essays, reminded of why they are cool.
–Was annoyed by Latour’s politics, fawning over military strategists (like they’ve done such a good job the past few years), and God talk.
–Overwrote on introduction to After Social Construction issue of Social Epistemology. Will probably need to edit. Probably due to annoyance with Latour.
–Watched some football both Saturday and Sunday, looking forward to Peyton Manning breaking touchdown pass record tonight
–Compiled all sorts of demographic statistics on Canadian media use from Statistics Canada and other readily accessible sources. Fun fact: in 1998, the same number of Canadians (roughly) reported reading a book as going to a movie. See, this country is different from the United States.
–Will shortly cook excellent risotto