Is the Casino Bot Bored, on Christmas Break, or Vanquished?

As of this moment, there are ZERO, count ’em ZERO comments on my last post, which means that the spam bot has not visited sterneworks in the last day.

I have only three thoughts:

1. It is a pleasure to finally be able to take the time to deal with things I’ve been wanting to deal with for months. I always feel a special sense of accomplishment when I send the “final” version of a piece off to a journal for publication. Of course, they could always tell me it’s too long or something, but I’m happy with it.

2. There are cool ice patterns on some of our windows, and the main room of the loft is actually drafty, which probably means it’s extremely cold outside. I’ll find out later when we take a dessert and the cat in the hat over to David and Lisa’s place in NDG.

3. The Ricky Williams interview on 60 Minutes wasn’t as great as it could have been. I never go for the eastern spirituality thing and Mike Wallace was dumb and patronizing, but Williams had two good comebacks (both paraphrased):

“When would it have been okay for me to quit? When both my knees went out?”

and when asked if he ever used more dangerous, addictive drugs than marijuana, he replied “sometimes I have a sugary dessert or drink a glass of wine.”

Overall, the piece was pretty lousy journalism, since it didn’t really talk about Williams’ previous problems with the game.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Williams goes back to football. Which is kind of too bad since his manner of quitting is so endearing. At least Robert Smith and Barry Sanders aren’t going back.