is what you, dear reader, must be suffering from. I’m suffering from not writing in it, so we’re even.

I wrote a good entry last Friday about lunch at the Office of Technology Transfer and my original business idea (no I didn’t disclose it) that they seemed to like. I must have accidentlally deleted it or something. Ah well. Suffice it to say that as a humanities scholar, I never thought I’d get to talk to the people in the Office of Technology Transfer, but that it turns out they’re pretty cool.

This weekend we got to see Kinsey, which turned out to be another one of those Hollywood “great man” movies. It had its moments but was overall underwhelming. It does make me want to read a biography of him to get the real dirt. Interesting note: if I’m not mistaken, my parents had original copies of the two major Kinsey studies on their bookshelf. But I might be mixing that up with all the original Modern Library volumes they have. Anyway, despite the mediocre movie, the company was good — our friend Hajime, whom we hadn’t seen in ages — and we discovered a very Montreal wine bar called Pullman. We even had good wine there, which seems like a trick in this town what with the SAQ strike and all.

Another “I know I’m in Canada” moment. Today, I’m talking with Susana, one of the departmental secretaries. Susana is pregnant and due to go on maternity leave soon. So I was asking her about it and they get 1-2 YEARS of maternity leave in Quebec. Granted, it’s not all at 100% pay, but compared with friends’ maternity leaves that are measured in days or weeks, I was amazed. She could tell too because my jaw had obviously hit the floor of the copy room and she said something understated like “oh, right, it’s not like that in American.” Add another cool point for Canada.

Right now, I am listening to Codeine, which is slow and epic, much like the work I must get done tomorrow. In the meantime, the PVR calls with 24.

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  1. Codeine! Sorry, I swore I wouldn\’t post any more substanceless comments in your blog but the band the Forms from NYC told our drummer that we sound like Codeine. Granted I have been listening to Frigid Stars and White Birch nonstop for the past two months, but I never really thought we sounded like them.

    I promise a cd is on the way soon. Oh, and I\’m going to send you an e-mail about something related.

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