Languages are Cool

I was doing my usual search on in preparation for our Movie Nite. Just for kicks, I like to see what’s playing at the Star City Theater, which is closest to our apartment, though always in French. I love the translations of the titles. Spongebob Squarepants is, simply, “Bob the Sponge.”

In the “isn’t Canada weird?” department: today in my lecture I showed my students this picture, one of those “earth at night things.” A great deal of murmuring ensued, and so I asked what was up. One student says “there are no lights in most of Canada — they’re all concentrated down near the border” and then another says, “yeah, of course, that’s where everybody lives.” On the way back to the office after class, Julian (one of my TAs) informs me that there’s a scheme afoot in the federal government to try and better populate the north. Good luck!

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  1. Bob the Sponge. That made me laugh. Of course if me and the Bean were doing the translating it would be \”Bob the Cheese.\” We think he\’s Cheese Bob, and we DON\’T understand Cheese Bob . . . at all!!!!

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