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A few links to things I’ve looked at recently, until I can get around to a more substantive post.

Reading Montreal, a cool project involving lots of AHCS types, this week guest edited by my coauthor, student and French teacher Emily Raine.

news items on the continuing strike.

Podcasting, it turns out, is the word of the year. Guess I’d better get around to turning that Duke talk from last fall into an article.

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: a Virtual Air Guitar System from Finland.

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  1. Aw shit. I’m getting old, I guess … I HATE the word podcast. It’s like a totally unnecessary word. The day the word started being used, nothing else in the world changed. You could download MP3 files before the word “podcast” came along … you can download them now as well. Ugh.

    On the other hand, I really really really like that you have an RSS feed!

  2. I like the RSS feed too. Eventually, the comment feed will work as well.

    I actually also have the term — not the least because it’s a product placement for Apple — even though I gave a talk on the subject last fall. Basically, I argued that it ought to be called “broadcasting” because that’s what it is, and that “broadcasting” ought to be called “RCAcasting” because they hijacked the term from its many and multifarious meanings to instead mean “1-way corporate transmission of advertiser supported content.”

    The interesting part of the podcasting phenomenon is that it does sort of demonstrate the degree to which the distribution of recordings is a form of broadcast, something that was apparent to Emile Berliner in 1888 but is not readily apparent to people today.

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