Mom Report

So I called my mom last night on her 72nd birthday (she said she “felt 73” for part of the day) and discovered that since we last talked, among other things, she’s apparently read

All of it.

Now, that’s pretty impressive, but she’s my mom, right? I invited her some time ago, but I think she’s starting to get a little more interested in the internet. She was also my first-ever copyeditor (I have come to learn over the years that she has a gift in this area). So, naturally, she pointed out that her son apparently can’t spell “vestigial”. She would be right. But he can link to old blog posts more easily now. Also, I am so busted for that comment about facing my mom without a flu shot last December. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

(On that note I am pleased to report that I also got a flu shot yesterday with no copay, thanks to a deal McGill cooked up with a place called Medisys. When checking in, I asked if they took regular patients, and they said no — they’re a travel clinic. This would have been obvious to me if I’d looked around a bit. On the wall nearby was a poster with a mixed drink on it — including the obligatory umbrella — and the query “What’s wrong with this drink?” Well, of course the answer is that it could kill you. At least the second ice cube could, since it is contaminated with hepatitis. Also, there was a lovely display that included the helpful suggestion to remember to take condoms along for your African safari.)

My parents will be visiting the 20th through the 27th of December. I’m hopeful to persuade one or both to make guest entries on the blog. My mom was reticent, but I told her that Carrie’s was a big hit. We’ll see. Actually, my stepdad is a perfect candidate for a political blog, if I can persuade him.