The Best Valentine’s Day Present Ever

Today we got the call from the vet tht Tet does not have cancer. I am so relieved. He does have “nodular hyperplasia of the pancreas,” which is apparently not great but not that big of a deal. We’ve got him on some medication for his, ah, plumbing, and we’ll see how he does. I offered him the chance for a guest entry, but for now he has declined.

2 replies on “The Best Valentine’s Day Present Ever”

  1. glad to hear it. having sick animals really sucks. greta had some severe noise phobia going on about a year ago and was incapable of being anywhere in the house except on her mat in the bedroom. she wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t do anything. it was fucking horrible, and for weeks i got nothing done…. about 8 months on anti-anxiety meds (and the addition of another dog to the house) eventually cured her, but boy, was that a horrible time….

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