Testing the Next Step

So the deal is that I have been planning a podcast for some time. It will mostly consist of interviews with people I find interesting. Maybe there will be some music as well, though I see it as more of an intellectual than an artistic exercise. That could change.

Anyway, I met with my designer today and the first step is to create a category called “podcast” to see if the thing can be tracked properly in RSS feeders.

So for all that, my test mp3 is a song guaranteed to be royalty free because I had a hand in its creation. We did it a few summers back in Pittsburgh when my friend and grad school guitarist Kevin Carollo came to Pittsburgh. He bought a guitar at Johnny B. Goode’s, which can only be described as a kind of very advanced junkyard for gear, even though their used stuff was pretty good. It just had that vibe. As an added bonus, the store was located in McKees Rocks, a working class suburb of Pittsburgh whose name could also be a complete sentence.

Anyway, after said purchase, we arranged and recorded two songs in like a day in my basement studio. It’s extremely indierock. We called the band we made up “Destiny’s Rentschler” which I’m sure didn’t thrill Carrie, but hey, artistic license and all that. So, with no further delay, here it is. Let’s see if it works in all the ways it’s supposed to.

Destiny’s Rentschler — Rock Like You

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  1. Hi Jon! the link works, but not if you click on it from NetNewsWire (it goes to a page saying “sterneworks: 404 Not Found”).
    Nice song, btw — who’s singing (or is it both of you)?

  2. I still don’t quite grasp the meaning of the word ‘podcast’. Is this a podcast, or a streaming mp3?

    Anyway, killer song. Very indie, except for the fact that you can actually hear the kick drum. ­čÖé

  3. Thanks all. I’ll answer the PodCast question when I’m back. Kevin’s singing — I can’t. Nick, that’s very helpful.

  4. check this out…


    I am putting a link to the podcast feed under pages for now.. changing header to feeds.

    I think that’s a nice and very visible place to put the link for now.

    oh yeah

    it’s miriam

    not jon talking to himself.. ; )

    whats a rentschler?

    sounds nice

  5. A “Rentschler,” to answer Miriam’s query, is someone bearing my family name, a damn cool Germanic freak-azoid name with lots of consonants, making it a real challenge to pronounce.

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