Quote of the Week

“Even though I had a great time I don’t think I had as good a time as if I’d taken over the supreme court.”

That comes from Maxwell Schnurer, who gave me a political education about the university when I first arrived in Pittsburgh. He is also a lot of fun. In a rare inversion of internet behaviors, Carrie actually discovered his blog first (I was reading it for the first time just now) and said to me “wow, Max sure seems like he’s got a great life.”

As for the quote, that’s going to be my measure of all things from now on. “Damn, this party sure is a good time but would it be as much fun as taking over the supreme court?”

Up next: 24 update.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for reading. Glad you’ve run into the blog . . . its been fun to have a central place to dump the diverse things that don’t fit into books and classes and stuff.

    I’m a pretty loyal sterno fan. And a loyal reader, although I don’t understand all these television references . . . lol us luddites keep that stuff close to the vest.

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