Twenty-Four Update

Because Carrie is beating us so badly, we have added two new phrases to the game.

I chose “I have a visual” and Mystery Guest chose “Oh my God, Jack.” However, they are not retroactive — only from this point forward will they count. Carrie is so confident in “we don’t have time” that she refused to choose a second phrase for this second phase of the game. Mystery Guest also unilaterally chose a “hail mary” phrase: “have a nice day” — which will net him six points in one utterance should it occur later in the season. I should add that changing the rules in the middle of getting my butt kicked was not my idea.

The current score:

Carrie: 24
Me: 11 (10 “I need you to trust me” and 1 “I have a visual”)
Mystery Guest: 10 (all “we don’t have a choice”)

Thank you and good night.

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