was a hot and unpleasant day, to be sure (1), but also a wonderful Montreal summer day in many ways. I wrote a little, I had a French lesson where I got my head around indefinate pronouns, I strummed my acoustic bass guitar for a good hour, I did some self-care around the house, and I picked up Carrie around 9pm from the airport. The freeway was remarkably open and I had the rare pleasure of driving on the 720 and 20 at full speed with the windows down and rocking out. We then went to Cafe Santropol, which is clearly some place we should have known about 2 years ago when we got here. Amazing shakes and vegetarian sandwiches (a few with meat) on a sublime terrace. My French tutor has been saying for months “I can’t BELIEVE you guys haven’t been to this place yet.” Well, now it’s in the rotation.

Speaking of French lessons, I picked up the Metro and 24 on my way in this morning. I’m going to translate some articles. And work on the future tense in my grammar book. A new verb tense is always exciting.

We finished the night watching the very exciting end to the NBA game.


1. We SO should have installed the A/C before Carrie left. It’s a two-person job. Perhaps tonight.

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