Sweet Victory at Last

Coach Greg predicted it. Yesterday, the rain gave way to sunshine and as the clouds began to part the False Consciousness took the field against a team from Chemistry and Physics known as the Otto Masochists, which is no doubt some kind of disciplinary in-joke I don’t understand.

As a bagpipe player droned on in the distance (I am not kidding) our team bravely took the field and took a decisive 22-12 victory. It may have taken an opponent so obsessed with grilling hotdogs that we had to remind them that they needed a couple extra outfielders, but we won fair and square. In the process, countless players fell flat on their faces or asses due to the slick grass, and there was outstanding fielding by Julia Skelly at 2nd base, who was responsible for all of the outs in one inning, and Jeremy Morris at 3rd base, who made a highlight-reel-worthy spectacular catch. The other team? Well, they seemed to be happy just to get 3 outs some innings (there’s a 7-run-per-inning-except-the-last mercy rule here) so we shouldn’t get cocky. But somehow, we looked like a decent team out there. My own play was marred by poor hitting (no doubt due to a leg injury I may discuss at a later date here) and two errors in the field, but I made up for it by saving a few others.

It took two years but there was finally a win.

Too bad about the Oilers, but at least I had the very Canadian experience of watching the Stanley Cup with a group of (mostly) Canadians. Yes, I know that sentence is tautological. But it is also true.

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