Another Miriam writes in to correct me but actually. . . .

my Hebrew name is יוספ (pronounced “Yoseyph”). It’s different from my English name because the family was serious enough about being Jewish to consider such things, I was accidentally named for the wrong great uncle. I don’t know who the right uncle is, but the wrong one wrote this — pseudonymously, of course. More on the family shoe business here.

One reply on “Actually,”

  1. I stand corrected! I thought for sure your Hebrew name would be Yonatan.

    I’m named for my grandfather. Who was Moyshe. He mostly went by Misha or Morris, though. Until he became a radio announcer in the 40s, when he legally changed his name to Gilbert Morris.

    I guess Miriam is close enough to Moyshe for me to be named after him (biblical siblings), mostly because my parents refused my grandmother’s request to name me “Morissa.”

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