Today’s Font Discovery

Hebrew, QWERTY-style:

אני יוספ

Only because I was looking at resurrecting an old essay which includes some Hebraic philology. Just a little, though.

The Hebrew’s a little clunky but the Mac OS automatically makes it move from right to left. That’s pretty cool. A few years ago, it was absolutely impossible to do that with such ease.

In other news, the Neko Case album is lovely, and ever so well produced. I also picked up a Tosca CD I didn’t have before. I’m listening to it right now for the first time. Tonight we’re off to see Lake Trout and Editors (no “the”), or rather Editors and Lake Trout. For once, we will arrive at the show on time.

People are starting to talk like school is coming soon. It is, but I’ve got a month of summer to keep making hay on the book and tend to other loose ends before the onslaught begins. I’ve managed to keep up the 10-page a week pace, but it’s more of an average rather than 2-pages-a-day-5-days-a-week. Predictably, the book will be longer than I’d originally planned (I was aiming for a 200 page ms and it’s looking headed toward another 40 or so) but we’ll see. That does mean I’ll still be in full writing mode at the beginning of term, so we’ll see if I can keep it going long enough to actually finish before the term engulfs me.

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  1. As someone (rather irritating) once said, August is the Sunday of summer. It’s still the weekend, but with that pesky overtone of dread…
    However, is August 2, not August 22, which means it’s Sunday morning. Plenty of time to drink coffee, read the paper, write books and what have you, until the reality of the ever-encroaching fall semester really begins to settle in.

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