Today’s Font Discovery

Hebrew, QWERTY-style: אני יוספ Only because I was looking at resurrecting an old essay which includes some Hebraic philology. Just a little, though. The Hebrew’s a little clunky but the Mac OS automatically makes it move from right to left. That’s pretty cool. A few years ago, it was absolutely impossible to do that with […]

Latest CD Acquisitions

Study of Speech and Hearing at Bell Telephone Laboratories: The Fletcher Years Technical Memoranda Issued by Acoustics Research Laboratory, Harvard University 1947-1971 Let me tell you, there are some smoking tracks on these releases. — Tomorrow, I may actually break the country barrier and purchase a Neko Case CD. Technically, it’s already broken since we […]

A New Series: On Books, “The Book,” Writing, Etc.

So I’ve decided to start using my “category” function and start doing “series” on various things. The topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately is publishing — the state of the book, the way publishing works, debates about open access and the public status of scholarship, etc. I’ve also been collecting some odds […]