Latest CD Acquisitions

Study of Speech and Hearing at Bell Telephone Laboratories: The Fletcher Years

Technical Memoranda Issued by Acoustics Research Laboratory, Harvard University 1947-1971

Let me tell you, there are some smoking tracks on these releases.

Tomorrow, I may actually break the country barrier and purchase a Neko Case CD. Technically, it’s already broken since we own some Johnny Cash and kd lang but that’s so cliché that they don’t really count.

I come late to certain musical bands and trends. I remember hearing the Archers of Loaf in 1994 and thinking that they were terrible, amateurish and unlistenable. Then I really got into them around 1998, right when they were breaking up (though I did see their last tour).

In general, I can’t abide the level of irony and/or authenticity necessary to enjoy alt country. I remember when my friend Jayson really got into alt country (he also tried to get me into the Archers in ’94). I just couldn’t take it, but knowing myself, I said “give me five years and we’ll see.” Well, it’s been way more than five years, but Neko Case is heavily produced and I love all the reverb on everything on the new album. So I’ll see what happens when I take the plunge. Also, I am buying more King Tubby if I’ve got time on my errands (different stores).

ÃŽn óthér néws, Í’vé fîgüréd øüt höw tö dô áccénts ön my kéyböárd.

4 replies on “Latest CD Acquisitions”

  1. Dude. You don’t need to buy Neko Case CDs because they’re heavily produced. Nor because they’re ironic or authentic. You buy ’em ’cause she’s got a divine voice.

    Don’t make me hafta lose all respect for you as a human being.

  2. I knew you’d come around….hahahaha
    (and it is a great album)

    Cheers from Toronto–
    Brother in Administration (and regular readerof the blog)

  3. Ahh, Archers of Loaf. Going to college in NC meant a lot of over-exposure to all of the Chapel Hill music scene (Archers, Superchunk, Ben Folds Five, etc.).

    I have to say, I’m much more a fan of Neko Case when she’s singing in The New Pornographers. Actually, AC Newman may be better than the rest of the band put together.

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