Other People

Today’s post is about other people, sort of.

First, Tim Hecker, who came to McGill to do sonic history, also has a new album out which has him featured on Pitchfork. Here’s the review. Here’s his guest list column.

Second, I have been on the steering committee for a group called Media@McGill for some time (note that the link may or may not work — they’re still resolving some domain issues). With a great deal of help from the development office and some donor generosity, we received a major donation last year and last night was the launch event: Seymour Hersh. The talk was very well publicized, so much so that the Lyndon LaRouche posse were out in force during the Q and A. Also, the room had about 450 people, and air for 350. But the talk was very interesting. As Carrie said, you attend a talk like this to hear “behind the scenes” material aand he did not disappoint. He also followed up for awhile at the dinner afterward (yes, it was another one of those dinners, though I wouldn’t recommend the University Club for its food and we didn’t play any fun games around the dinner table). Hersh’s big take-away point was that 2007 is going to be a very bad year for the world. Bush is a lame-duck president and it’s not an election year, so expect an invasion of Iran. You don’t attend these sorts of talks to be cheered up.

Coming soon: the exciting resolution of the Sage story, and more on social class.

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  1. Congrats re. Hersh. I got a minute with him several years ago, and talked about prison conditions in the U.S. (i.e., not just Abu Ghraib). He said oh yes, they’re horrible; evidently, a brother of his is an attorney of some kind.

  2. There probably won’t be an actual invasion of Iran, considering the extent to which the U.S. army is already stretched in its numerous colonial pursuits in the region. Perhaps more likely is some kind of aerial assault. And once again, the Democrats will step aside politely when the time comes for it to be “authorized”.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Tim Hecker’s stuff – never heard of him and I’m digging the mp3s posted under the review quite a bit.

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