If figured if I declared a blog hiatus, I’d start writing posts, and so what’s the point, right?

My blogger self is going through a bit of an identity crisis because I find I can write about even less of my day-to-day life than before, as a surprising number of my chair dealings involve something confidential, or at least some aspect that prevents them from being the kind one blogs about under one’s own name on one’s professional website. Each day I learn something new or have some other intense experience by virtue of being in a new position. I don’t know if I’ve just said it to friends or whether it’s somewhere in the older posts, but becoming department chair feels a bit like the shift from grad student to prof. One’s relationship to the institution changes.

I’m also finding that keeping on top of chair stuff means a cascade of missed deadlines for my own work, as in one thing goes late, which means that each other thing must then be later. Which induces guilt, and so forth. Also, I’m ridiculously overscheduled.

So, I’m not officially on hiatus, but I am thinking things over. Really, it should just mean less personal stuff, right? There’s that’s easy.