NFL in Toronto? Reports of the death of the CFL are greatly exaggerated + Telcos are lame

I confess that when reading sports sections, I tend to prefer to read stuff about the business of sport over the stuff about players. For the past few weeks, there has been a buzz in the Canadian press (especially the Globe and Mail) about the possibility of a group of Toronto businessmen purchasing the Buffalo Bills and working out some deal where the NFL and CFl could co-exist in Toronto.

Friday, it was revealed that the Bills are planning to play 3 “home” games in Toronto over the next two years. Today, it warranted an op-ed. Oh the horror! Let me get this straight: it’s perfectly fine to swarm like vultures over a small-market team that has historical roots in a given city because its owner is near death. But when the same team looks to expand its financial base by playing in neighboring city — a city where there are people interested in buying the team, no less — people cry foul because there’s already a CFL team there. First, we’re talking about 3 games, two of which are exhibition games. Second, either the NFL and CFL can coexist or they can’t. Make up your minds, sportswriters.

One of the worst parts of moving is the change of address and switching utilities. This afternoon, I spent somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes on the phone to 1) convince Rogers to stop billing us since we haven’t been their customers since August; 2) get Bell to send the “free” calling cards they promised in August (I’m paying for them as part of my service plan) and send our TV bill for service at the new address TO the new address (instead of the old address), at least until they can get around to consolidating our bills — which may or may not ever happen. There is no way that should have taken more than 15 minutes in total. Bell took 3 calls, since I was cut off while waiting on hold twice after 15 minute waits.