The Phonautograph Gets Its 15 Minutes. . .

. . .and I ride its coattails, or help it, or something. The story is now making it’s way around AP. I talked to an LA Times reporter yesterday and have a few quotes in their story, which also has a picture of the device. The quotes are of mixed quality and the guy appears to think that McGill is in a place called “West Montreal” (if he knew about Montreal politics, I’d call it a Freudian slip, but I bet he just misread my mailing address).

UPDATE. I just read the Wikipedia entry on Montreal West (which may or may not be the “West Montreal” of the story) and it’s pretty funny.

Canada Day is the largest community event of the year in Montreal West. Residents organize a parade route that mainly runs down the main street of Westminster and ends at Strathern Park. Floats represented in the parade include organizations and clubs located in town, as well as some created personally by residents.

In some years, there have been water fights between sidelined residents and members of the parade (mainly the swimming pool float). Water fights during these years have seen water balloons and super soaker water guns, as well as the odd hose drawn from a house. Organizers have tried to minimize these activities in recent years so as not to detract from the parade itself, with varying success.

2nd UPDATE: BBC Newsreader Finds Phonautograph Recording Hysterical

Green’s hysterical outburst started after a studio member remarked that the 1860 recording of a woman singing the French song Clair de Lune sounded like a “bee buzzing in a bottle”.