And now a few words on class, social class that is

I’ve always thought of some of what academics do as “playing at” being of a higher social class than we are. Major field-wide conferences [cough]NCA![/cough]are held at hotels so expensive that they decimate university travel budgets. Groups of academics routinely go out to meals at these events that they can’t really afford. Broke job candidates […]

Cool Seems kind of interesting. — Sorry things are so quiet on this end. It’s been a lot of evaluating and recommending this week, punctuated by some nice social events and an interesting talk. More anon.

New Text

Jonathan Sterne and Emily Raine, “Command Tones: Digitization and Sounded Time,” First Monday 11:9 (September 2006): available online at []. — In other news, class went great yesterday. It’s good to be back in the classroom.

Speaking of School Starting

I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my sound studies syllabus, which is here, for the interested. After messing around with various approaches, I’ve gone back to the required/recommended model, which assures that students can do a reasonable amount of reading in a week, but also points to other stuff that might be essential in […]