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“The Historiography of Cyberculture” in Critical Cyberculture Studies eds. David Silver and Adienne Massanari, 17-28. New York: NYU Press, 2006. Carrie’s dad arrives in a few hours. I’m off to the Music Library for some good, wholesome fun with reference materials. Not enough time. I’m cleaning my office until Carrie comes to pick me up.

Also, I’m back on track with titles

….for a conference called “Technologies of the Diva” next March, “Sex and the Sound Test: A Short History” Get your mind out of the gutter. I meant secondary sexual characteristics, like pitch of voice. What did you think I was going to discuss? Also, I wish to share this morning’s surprise. Upon a careful reading […]


I know things have been quiet around here recently. Mostly, I’m hunkering down and working around here while we’re inbetween houseguests. I’ve got a pile of other people’s writing I’m working through today as I passively ponder how best to present the material in the chapter I’m currently revising/developing, which of the 1000 readings I […]

Speed Conferencing or, “I had a nice ASA; how was yours?”

Yes, it’s like speed dating, only a conference. The American Sociological Association is having its annual meeting in Montreal. I’ve never been to ASA before but it appears to follow the rules of other large association conferences. Those rules, as far as I can follow, go something like this: –>the least important thing that happens […]