It occurs to me that one good use of this blog, and one way to maybe start some conversations, is to list books that are coming in. I purchase a lot of books, probably more than I have time to read, but my intentions are strictly honorable even if the result is, well, more Benjaminian. […]

If Ph.D. Comprehensive Examinations Were Multiple Choice

One of my students just asked (jokingly) if that would be possible. Here’s what I came up with: 4. Which of the following statements correctly complete the sentence? The habitus is a: I. special cage marketed for pet rodents. II. all-wheel drive vehicle featured in an ad with a Kiefer Sutherland voiceover. III. fashion firm. […]

HASTAC conference

I’m re-posting with for my friend Cathy Davidson, who is one of the main players in HASTAC, a very interesting digital humanities initiative. Sorry for the poor formatting. Call for Papers International HASTAC Conference “Electronic Techtonics:  Thinking at the Interface” April 19-21, 2007 * We are now soliciting papers and panel proposals for “Electronic […]