Announcing a new book series on Duke University Press! Now, please help us name it.

Lisa Gitelman and I will be editing a new book series on Duke University Press. As Lisa put it, we “share a taste in books” and we thought it would be a good place to support empirically rich, theoretically engaged work on media, technologies and culture. And yes, of course it will also be a […]

Disability Theory Quote of the Day

“Constructing the axis on which disabled and nondisabled fall will be a critical step in marking all points along it.” –Simi Linton, “Reassigning Meaning,” in Lennard J. Davis, ed, The Disability Studies Reader (New York: Routledge, 2010), 235 (originally in Simi Linton, Claiming Disability: Knowledge and Identity (NYU Press, 1998)). Today’s seminar topic was identity […]


It’s quiet here but noisy in my head. I’ve eviscerated one chapter of my manuscript, which then collapsed under its own weight. And I’m trying to make the intro the best it can be. Intense. I have temporarily suspended my sabbatical “work no more than 40 hours in a week” rule to write a bit […]