Carrie and I both got fellowships to do a four week digital humanities institute at USC. So we’ll be heading down, and hopefully spending about six weeks in LA from 1 July-15 August. Now we just need to find a place to stay. The LA trip is great for several reasons: the compare/contrast with northern […]


It turns out that sabbatical is not all that conducive to blogging. I’d left Montreal assuming I’d get so much done with all this time on my hands, and I’d be recounting all sorts of exciting things that have been happening in California, finishing the book in no time flat, undertaking several music projects and […]

1111: we live in an era where dates have interesting numeric sequences

For the first time probably since childhood, I didn’t stay up to see the years turn over. There’s nothing spectacular about that decision — just a mix of jet lag, just getting back from Minnesota and that our main social event around the new year happens to be today instead of last night. Though I […]


One of my goals for this year was some serious introspection so as to return to my Montreal life with a clearer head. I am not sure if I have simply not done enough of it, or if it’s simply a matter of being outside of my normal “zone” and having epiphanies now and then. […]

A snapshot of Carrie’s rant when I told her I thought I was drinking too much caffeine since arriving here. . .

Welcome to the real world. You’ve been living in some nature-fairy land while the rest of us have been drugging ourselves since the age of 16 just to get by. You don’t smoke and you hardly drink and now you’re all like “Ooooo! Two cups of tea in the morning!” It’s probably funnier to hear […]