A snapshot of Carrie’s rant when I told her I thought I was drinking too much caffeine since arriving here. . .

Welcome to the real world. You’ve been living in some nature-fairy land while the rest of us have been drugging ourselves since the age of 16 just to get by. You don’t smoke and you hardly drink and now you’re all like “Ooooo! Two cups of tea in the morning!” It’s probably funnier to hear […]

The New Normal, or Is That a Summer Hiatus Coming On?

For those readers not accustomed to the ways of academic blogs (which is mostly academic only by virtue of its association with its author), there is a tradition called the “summer hiatus.” People spend less time on the internet reading blogs and writers take time away. I tend not to announce such things but since […]

Disability Studies 101: Saturday Night Practicum

This is a post about some issues I encountered at someone else’s birthday party, which makes it inherently pathetic and self-centered. But then, this is a blog, so I get to be pathetic and self-centered once in awhile, right? I apologize up front. For the record, it was a fun party and any non-fun issues […]