Healthcare and Taxes

Despite its obvious shortcomings, I have never questioned that Obama’s healthcare plan is a major step forward for the United States, since it takes a positive step toward moving American healthcare from a privilege to a right. This is exactly why I was horrified to see the new proposal by the Quebec government on provincial […]

Economic Stimulus Package

Americans who filed federal taxes got a $600 rebate this year.  <a href=”” target=”_blank”>As this article in Slate explains</a>, it is a spectacularly stupid idea; as most tax rebates are, it’s basically a form of bribery-by-borrowing.  We filed in the U.S.  but did not pay any taxes (Americans living abroad are required to file even […]

A Few Words on Taxes in Quebec

(note: I’ve got a Saskatchewan report coming, but Carrie’s got the camera in Vancouver, so it’ll be delayed) For those of you who don’t follow Canadian politics, the new Quebec minority government almost fell last week. The liberal party, who has a plurality, introduced a budget with a massive income tax cut for the middle […]