From the archives

well, Lisa Gitelman’s collection anyway (Scripts, Grooves, and Writing Machines). I ran across it again as I was prepping for tomorrow’s sound seminar. This is one of my favorite quotes of its type, though I’ve got a good mental radio one I’ll dig up someday. Letter from Ike Leonard Isacson to Thomas Edison, sometime in […]

Mmm, a “theory” blog

First things first. The party last night was awesome. Good conversation and good music. There’s a raging debate in the “comments” section of Michael Berube’s Blog about Tom Frank’s new book. I even dropped a line there. It’s turned in to the standard debate about the populism of cultural studies (and left treatments of popular […]


Awesome band, just stumbled across them. Lots of free mp3s. I’m particularly taken with “Mo” at the moment. Finally hooked up a record player given to us by a friend. It works! Vinyl is back in effect. It’s 80s night here, featuring Love and Rockets and the Cure. Other news: I’m not so sure […]

Fall has begun

and football season is upon us again. (NB: when I say “football” I mean the version with the helmets where they use their hands. And usually with 100 yard fields and 11 players, though Carrie and I are exploring the possibility of a relationship with the CFL). So, we’re watching the games yesterday and the […]