Natural History of Royalty + Audio Geekdom

Okay, not really. Two separate topics. Since I’ve moved to Canada, I’ve become much more aware of royalty and how stupid it is. Joe Lockard forwarded the badeditors this Guardian cartoon, which contains actual words, in context, from Prince Charles. The upsetting thing is that it was front page news in yesterday’s Globe and Mail. […]

Bad Blog

Bad Subjects’ new blog is up and running, except that Geoff Sauer (our webmastermind — webmaster doesn’t really explain his involvement) switched to a BBS engine so that we can respond to each other and be more interactive. The result? It looks exactly like a BBS, but populated by Bad Subjects editors. Here’s the text […]

Upcoming: NCA

I don’t know if I’ll get to blog tomorrow night, so tonight might be the last for a few days as I head off to the National Communication Association (NCA) conference in Chicago. Highlights will include seeing lots of old friends, including Toby and Z0R (no, that’s not her real name), who had twins since […]