Bush Administration Comes Out Against Delayed Gratification

After years of sanctimonious crap, the Bush administration has reversed its otherwise Protestant moralistic position to come out against delayed gratification. For the better part of US history, it was not apparent who won the very night of the election. But now, if you don’t know right away, it’s some kind of crisis (for more […]

A Blog About Non-Blog Writing

It’s not like I haven’t been writing this semester. On the contrary, I have been writing constantly: grant applications, letters of recommendation, vision statements, lectures for two grad seminars (and more lectures — note to self: don’t ever again assume you can re-use old lectures from graduate seminars), the Derrida obit, endless small items for […]

If You Want to Get Out of the US Before It’s Too Late

This just in, courtesy my new feminist radio research friend Sarah: http://www.marryanamerican.ca. It’s a noble cause. If things go, er, south next Tuesday, I expect to be getting a lot of calls from American friends about jobs at McGill. I will refer them here. And Greg D. points me to this tidbit from The Onion: […]