More Tenure

As I said somewhere below, this is the semester of applications. The latest and most baroque is tenure. Tenure is like the holy grail in academic ideology. Though in point of fact professors are dismissed for political reasons more often than you think (at least in the U.S., I don’t know my Canadian cases well […]

Lessons Learned

So Karl Rove was apparently strutting around because the Republicans went out and recruited their fundamentalist right wing bretheren who didn’t vote in the last election. They estimated 3-4 million people. Which was Bush’s margin. Meanwhile, the democrats spent the last four years insulting Nader voters and threatening everyone to their left. They worried about […]

Bush Administration Comes Out Against Delayed Gratification

After years of sanctimonious crap, the Bush administration has reversed its otherwise Protestant moralistic position to come out against delayed gratification. For the better part of US history, it was not apparent who won the very night of the election. But now, if you don’t know right away, it’s some kind of crisis (for more […]