The Politics of Journal Publishing in Cultural Studies

Thanks to his blog, I learned that Ted Striphas’ important, horrifying and inspiring piece on the politics of academic journal publishing–“Acknowleged Goods”–just appeared in the Journal of Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies. (And I agree with Jason Mittel, the first commenter, that he should just post the essay for people to read.) The same post also […]


A quick miscellaneous entry: — the Montréal list keeps expanding. We may need to supplement with a “top 10.” I am trying to convince Carrie to be the curator. — Yesterday I had an interesting discussion about why women finish their books later than men do. Future subject of an academe post, no doubt — […]

Some Suggested Directions for Canadian Copyright Law

Israel recently reformed its copyright code, and given that it shares many of the same intellectual property issues as Canada, its path is instructive. Although there is much talk that Canada must adopt DMCA-like anti-circumvention measures (a provision that even authors of the DMCA now disown), it appears that small countries with big knowledge economies […]

Quebec Alternative

Last night, I attended the vernissage for Quebec Alternative. The exhibit shows off some of the materials in Marc Raboy’s collection of alternative publications, which he dutifully stockpiled — eventually renting a storage locker until he was able to donate them to the McGill Library. For last night’s event, many key figures in Quebec’s alternative […]