Lecturing and Killing the “Coverage” idea

I don’t think I’ve written about this, but I am obsessed with large lecture pedagogy. Although a sizeable number of students in my intro class seem to really like it (although liking isn’t the point necessarily) and I get good ratings, I have always been interested in how to be a better teacher. The thing […]

Belated Baudrillard Anecdote to Serve as an Obit

Fall 1995 was the first time I ever got to teach in my area of substantive expertise — it was an intro to communication studies course. I’d cleverly begun with McLuhan (yes, I know I know) and the “Medium is the Message” essay. The course ended with Baudrillard’s “Requiem for the Media” which is essentially […]


That’s the number of unread blog posts in my little rss feed on Safari. Yes, I have been neglecting the internet for other things. I’m thinking I need to get rid of some rss feeds and just go back to reading my friends. But enough on that. So here we are in 2007 and I […]

And now, a short post about course planning

One of my major activities for the week was nailing down the details for my big lecture undergrad course in the winter. It’s a complete reworking of the department’s largest course (200 students), which has moved from a “telegraph to the internet” sort of history of communication course to “introduction to communication studies.” I always […]