School Starts Tuesday

on what should be a beautiful 30 degree day (that’s 87, American readers). I hope they’ve fixed the A/C in my seminar room. Apart from that little worry, I am feeling the usual beginning-of-the-year optimism. Perhaps it’s tempered a little bit by the knowledge of the administration that lies in wait for fall, but I […]

Why I hate WebCT, Part III

This is part of an <a href=”″>ongoing</a> <a href=”″>series</a>.   Coursepacks are due at the bookstore in mid July, and so I thought I’d get my big course together on time for a change, since I only require a few changes.  So I started plotting out my calendar for the year.  I go into WebCT […]

Academic Labor Politics in the Air

It must be the season or something. Today, our TA union staged a demonstration outside the front gates in support of their ongoing contract negotiations. McGill teaching assistants are quite underpaid compared to their counterparts at other Canadian universities and “R1” universities in the U.S. It’s a Quebec thing, since they’re better paid than TAs […]

Lecturing and Killing the “Coverage” idea

I don’t think I’ve written about this, but I am obsessed with large lecture pedagogy. Although a sizeable number of students in my intro class seem to really like it (although liking isn’t the point necessarily) and I get good ratings, I have always been interested in how to be a better teacher. The thing […]