The Cost of (Getting Sick Under) Socialized Medicine

I wanted to start this line of posts with the observation that there is no more nationally-specific experience than getting sick. But that’s not necessarily true. In Canada, provinces manage their own healthcare, and when I show you some pictures of where I stayed, you will understand why Michael Moore picked a nice Ontario clinic […]

Healthcare and Taxes

Despite its obvious shortcomings, I have never questioned that Obama’s healthcare plan is a major step forward for the United States, since it takes a positive step toward moving American healthcare from a privilege to a right. This is exactly why I was horrified to see the new proposal by the Quebec government on provincial […]

Quebec Alternative

Last night, I attended the vernissage for Quebec Alternative. The exhibit shows off some of the materials in Marc Raboy’s collection of alternative publications, which he dutifully stockpiled — eventually renting a storage locker until he was able to donate them to the McGill Library. For last night’s event, many key figures in Quebec’s alternative […]

A Few Words on Taxes in Quebec

(note: I’ve got a Saskatchewan report coming, but Carrie’s got the camera in Vancouver, so it’ll be delayed) For those of you who don’t follow Canadian politics, the new Quebec minority government almost fell last week. The liberal party, who has a plurality, introduced a budget with a massive income tax cut for the middle […]